2019 09 May

Smart Street Light Pole Solution

Smart city solution based on street light pole

I. Overview of the program

In addition to traditional lighting and monitoring functions, the smart light pole also undertakes other public service functions, including: smart lighting, smart security (video surveillance, one-button alarm, public broadcasting), information interaction, wireless communication (public WiFi and 4G micro base station) , smart energy (car charging pile), smart perception (environmental monitoring), smart municipal (manhole cover management, trash can management), etc.. Relying on a powerful integrated management platform, smart street lights have realized many functions of smart city.

II. Visualized smart city integrated management platform

The visual intelligent city comprehensive management platform is the core part of the smart city construction, and is also the monitoring and command center of the urban public infrastructure intelligent system. It consists of three parts: GIS operation platform, intelligent monitoring platform and video surveillance platform. Other modules can also be customized. It can realize the graphical operation, visual management, intensive construction and intelligent operation of urban multi-intelligent system.

Visualized smart city integrated management platform

III. Green Bus

Based on the “green bus” to build a smart light pole system, it can centrally complete the access, control and transmission of intelligent front-end, communicate with the background through optical fiber or carrier channel, and can perform port and control through WEB page, command line, etc. The logical configuration and simple system structure greatly improve the versatility, real-time and reliability of the hardware system.

Smart city green bus

IV. Smart City Cloud Platform and Mobile APP

Huasuda has created a smart city cloud platform and a citizen mobile app for the ‘Smart City’, highlighting the people-oriented construction concept, allowing the citizens to truly participate in urban construction and development, truly experience and feel the improvement of living environment and human environment with the urban development. The citizen mobile APP includes but is not limited to the following basic modules: self-guided tour guide, intelligent transportation, government office, smart medical care, safe city, environmental review, convenience service, complaint suggestion, etc.

Smart City APP

IV. Our Advice

Build an open IoT platform, free access to front-end hardware, low construction and maintenance costs, and optional street light pole style.

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