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Intensive Smart Park Solution

Intensive Smart Park Solution
I. Overview of the program

Smart Park takes the Internet of Things and cloud computing as the core, highlights the intelligent collection and transmission of park information, intelligent processing and control, intelligent display and push, so that all departments and subsystems in the region can integrate and interconnect information and effectively solve the problem of information update lag, lack of human resources, information islands and equipment redundancy caused by repeated investment in the park management. Thus it achieves the management goals of green energy conservation, scientific decision-making, timely control and convenient service in the park management.

In the field of smart parks, Huasuda is committed to becoming the best partner of the new smart park solution, focusing on the park’s Internet of Things communication network, the park’s IBMS management platform and the owner’s mobile APP operation, and innovatively developed a visual smart campus management platform and intelligent green bus, cloud platform and mobile APP. It aggregates the IoT industry chain, middle and lower reaches partners, promote the healthy development of the smart park ecosystem, and jointly provide customers with the best smart park overall solution.

Intelligent development trend chart

II. Visualized Smart Campus Management Platform

The IBMS smart park integrated management platform consists of 3D map operation platform, intelligent monitoring platform and video monitoring platform. It can also customize other modules to realize the graphical operation, visual management, intensive construction and intelligent operation of the multi-intelligent system of the park.

Smart Park Integrated Management Platform

When a security incident occurs in an area, video, lighting, and display linkages can be implemented in the area to provide emergency command plans for the property management personnel of the park, improve the ability of the park management personnel to deal with emergencies, and truly achieve unified monitoring and unification management, linkage alarm, emergency command.

Smart Park Monitoring Dashboard

III. Intelligent Green Bus

“Green Bus” is a hardware integrated system based on broadband IoT technology, which can centrally complete the access, control and transmission of intelligent front-end, communicate with the background through optical fiber or carrier channel, and can use WEB pages, command lines, etc. method to fulfill port control and logic configuration. And the system structure is simple, which greatly improves the versatility, real-time and reliability of the hardware system.

Smart Park Green Bus

IV. Smart Park Cloud Platform and Mobile APP

For the park property, shop owner and consumer group, Huasuda has “tailored” the smart park cloud platform and mobile APP, which can make the park property management more efficient, make the store management easier, and let the consumers have a more accurate and timely learning of the shopping information on the park. The park property mobile APP includes but is not limited to the following basic functions: mobile phone viewing park, mobile phone opening door, mobile phone patrol, alarm push, property repair processing, data statistics; Park Owner mobile phone APP includes but is not limited to the following basic functions: mobile phone viewing shop, mobile phone opening door, alarm push, property repair, sales report; Park WeChat public number includes but is not limited to the following basic functions: information inquiry, parking search, shop navigation, contact merchants.

Smart Park APP

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