2019 09 May

Intensive Smart Community Solutions

I. Overview of the program

The smart community is a new generation of products and technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and information intelligent terminals. Through the automatic perception, timely transmission, timely release, and integration and sharing of information about residents’ lives, the community residents can eat and live at a higher of digitization, networking, intelligence, interaction and synergy of the seven elements of life, travel, tourism, shopping, entertainment and health, providing residents with a safer, more convenient and comfortable living environment, making residents’ lives more intelligent and more happiness and harmony.

In the field of smart communities, Huasuda has been committed to becoming the best partner for new smart community solutions, focusing on community IoT communication network, community IBMS management platform and residential mobile APP operation, and innovatively developed a visual intelligent community management platform and intelligent green bus. The smart core cloud platform and mobile APP three core products aggregate the IoT industry chain, middle and lower reaches partners, promote the healthy development of the smart community ecosystem, and jointly provide customers with the best smart community overall solution.

Smart Community Solution Architecture

II. Visualized smart community management platform

The visualized smart community management platform is the core part of the smart community construction, and also the monitoring and command center of the intelligent system of the whole community. It provides platform support for the basic data interaction service of the front-end intelligent system, and all the intelligence can be used on the community 2.5D electronic map. The terminal is visually managed, simple and efficient. When a fire alarm is issued in a certain area, or when a security incident occurs in an area, video, lighting, and display linkages can be implemented in the area to provide emergency command plans for community property management personnel to improve the response of community management personnel to emergencies processing capacity, truly achieving unified monitoring, unified management, linkage alarm, emergency command. The smart community integrated management platform includes but is not limited to the following basic modules: video surveillance, integrated security, lighting control, smart meter reading, background music, access control card, information release, electronic patrol, data dashboard display, etc. In order to realize the statistics, analysis and visual display of key data, the display data can be customized and the data of community managers concerned can be aggregated and displayed in real time (such as the current community households, the current community property fee payment, and the total number of the current month energy consumption, the number of property repairs in the month, etc.), for community managers to make reference.

Visualized smart community management platform

III. Intelligent Green Bus

Huasuda’s first integrated intelligent hardware in the world, through the unified access of the terminal devices of the Internet of Things perception layer, establishes an intelligent green bus, providing the best network construction solution for the smart community. The intelligent green bus has outstanding advantages in construction, maintenance, management and industrial application. Compared with the traditional intelligent construction, it has the characteristics of simple installation and deployment, simple network maintenance, more uniform equipment management and more efficient application management.

Smart community green bus

IV. Smart Community Cloud Platform and Mobile APP

Adhering to the “people-oriented” design concept, Huasuda has created a smart community cloud platform and mobile APP for the smart community, enabling community owners to feel a safer, more convenient and comfortable living environment, making their daily life more intelligent, happier, and more harmonious. The owner’s mobile APP includes but is not limited to the following basic functions: Remote Housekeeping, Alarm Notification, Mobile Phone Opening, Building Intercom, Property Repair, Property Payment, Community O2O.

Smart Community APP

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